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20 Nov

Tony Robbins Date With Destiny: Working on Your Jet Set Psychology

Posted in Business on 20.11.14

I'm a big believer in modeling successful people. I do the best I can to surround myself with the right people and go as deep as I can in their work. It's not just enough for me to read a book or watch a video. I want to spend time with them on a deeper level. Discover their nuances, their strategies and how they think. The challenge with this approach is that the more in demand the person is the harder it is to get access. One of the guys I really wanted to spend an extended period of time ...

19 Nov

Don't Blind Date. Get Smart and Have More Fun

Posted in Finance on 19.11.14

When I first considered buying stocks, it was a lot like going out on a blind date. I had plenty of raw data, lots of information, but no idea what it all added up to. One peek at the person gives you a pretty good idea whether or not you want to go forward, but how do can you peek into corporations? And, as anyone who has ever been on a blind date knows, information can be very misleading. "He's got a great personality," usually means he's uglier than the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I had an ...

18 Nov

Bratz Makeover Games for the Up-to-date Look

Posted in Computers on 18.11.14

Your own original, inimitable fashion sense and style where elegance and functionality meet now has a home to inspire it further on - the world of Bratz! The Bratz are always on the run due to their celebrity status but they do their best to have the most of girl fun in each moment of their lives. If you want to join them in their quest for ever new and expressive fashion, then it's time to hop in on a bratz makeover game! If you are still in the dark about who the Bratz are, ask yourself: ...

17 Nov

Stop House Foreclosure the Day Before Your Sale Date

Posted in Finance on 17.11.14

Surprisingly, in some states, you can stop house foreclosure up until the day before your house is sold at the sheriff’s sale. How can you do this? Many states have what is called a right to cure. A right to cure is essentially a right to cure the loan. What does that mean? It means that you have the right to get the loan current with your bank. This means that you will need to pay all back payments, late fees, attorney’s fees and any other necessary fees to get the loan back in good ...

16 Nov

Breeding Goldfish - Goldfish Females Appreciate A Date Done

Posted in Home and Family on 16.11.14

/p> Breeding goldfish is actually a fair amount more difficult than most people would think. Much like us humans, Goldfish are rather particular about the conditions in which their little fishy babies will thrive. Like women, goldfish females appreciate a date done right. They require proper mood lighting and temperature, a nice meal and a romantic environment to "get-it-on". To breed your fish, these natural phenomena need to be replicated in order to produce the proper conditions for ...

15 Nov

A Cavity, An Astronaut's Mask, and a Date at McDonald's

Posted in Health on 15.11.14

It's been almost two years since I last attempted to take my son William to the dentist. Until then, I had no idea a kid could clench his jaws shut with such steely determination. On the second and last try, the dentist managed to count his teeth - but she lost a pair of plastic sunglasses in the deal and William left with teeth no cleaner than they'd been when we arrived. William's four now, and what a difference a year or two can make! I knew we'd turned a corner when he let me brush his ...

15 Nov

Getting Your Wedding Guests to Save The Date

Posted in Home and Family on 15.11.14

You are engaged - congratulations! Undoubtedly, immediately after your friends and family squeal with delight over your news, the first question they will ask is, "So when is the date?" It can be somewhat annoying, especially if you are very recently engaged, but really all your loved ones are asking so they can mentally save the date. So begins your wedding planning. Obviously the first thing you need to do is start viewing places for your ceremony and reception, because without those there is ...

15 Nov


Posted in Careers on 15.11.14

YOUR JOB INTERVIEW IS LIKE A BLIND DATE --it's a meeting between two mutually interested people-- Love is in the air. You know a little about your date and your date knows a little about you. The description of your blind date seems to be too good to be true – a perfect vision of your ideal partner. They have the right physical attributes and personal qualities. Your matchmaking friends are even more excited than you because they’re convinced you are perfect for one another. The date has ...